Become Strong, Embrace Weakness

The more you embrace your shortcomings and weaknesses, the more your LIGHT shines through. On the other hand, the more you fight with and resist your shortcomings and weaknesses, the stronger they become and the more power they have to damage and hurt you. Embracing your weaknesses with love neutralizes the power they have over you. – From the Feeling Good, No Matter What, newsletter By Frederick Zappone,

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The Day the Devil Went POOF! (True Story)

When I was a little boy of eight or nine, I was tormented by the devil daily. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a devil until the nuns taught me about him. They not only taught me about the devil but related many gruesome stories about how powerful the devil was and all the evil things the devil made people too.

These teaching set me up, yes set me up, to enter into a battle with the devil that made me wish I was dead. Once the idea of the devil became part of my thinking, my mind became a battleground between good and evil.

Always wanting to please God, I felt the devil tempted me at every turn to think  and do bad things.  I disobeyed my parents, lied (fibs), stole  (little things), and cheated (in class)… I was so focused on what I didn’t want, the devil, that thoughts of the devil overran my mind. The more I tried to be a good little boy who pleased God, the worse I became.

I lived a fearful life that no adult understood. When I tried to share my fears with my parents they blew my fears off as nothing to worry about.   However, for me,  my fears were a big worry. My fears scared me, caused me pain.  So much so, that when I felt tempted by the devil, I would lay on the floor and pretend I was stabbing imaginary knives into my body as a way to kill the devil and have the devil quit tormenting me. Sometimes I would do it for an hour without stopping.

The act of pretending I was killing the devil gave me temporary relief but the devil in all of his hated ugliness would always return to haunt and torment me some more. Sometimes thoughts of the devil would return to me an hour later and sometimes a day later but thoughts of the devil always returned.

The fear of the devil continued until the age of twelve when one day the temptations of the devil got so bad I wanted to kill myself as my way of getting rid of the evil thoughts that lived inside of me….. The problem was, I was also taught by the nuns that if I killed myself, I would go to hell and live with the devil for all eternity…. The thought of being stuck with the devil for all eternity both paralyzed me and caused me more pain than any child should ever have to endure.

I was now caught between a rock and a hard place.  You see, whatever ‘thoughts I thought’ only attracted more thoughts of the devil into my mind.The devil was winning, causing me emotional pain I cannot describe…. Pretending I was stabbing him with imaginary knives no longer gave me any relief….

In the privacy of my clubhouse in the woods, away from my parents, I began crying and screaming hysterically…. I was pleading, begging God for help. My hysteria got so strong I felt myself losing control of my mind…… Suddenly, like a bright neon sign, the words LOVE THE DEVIL showed up in my mind from out of nowhere. I thought this was another trick of the devil.

Love the devil, what insanity was that???  The devil was my enemy and loving the devil did not make sense to me.

The light from the neon sign suddenly went out and in its place was the devil, the size of BIG FOOT, approaching me. He was getting larger and larger every step he took towards me.

I could see the devil’s intent was to take my soul. To own me, to make me his prisoner for all eternity.  I stood directly in front of him staring directly into his red eyes, not because I wanted to, but because my eyes were paralyzed with fear.

At this point in time, fear pushed me completely out of my body. I was now looking down at myself when I heard the following words LOUDLY spoken to me:


The last thing I wanted to do was love the devil let alone hug him… As the devil got closer to me, the words ‘love the devil’ got louder and louder and until the words got so loud that they began scaring me more the the devil himself…

In a moment of absolute panic and sheer desperation I reach out, as if I was pushed, and hugged the devil. As I hugged him, I said I LOVE YOU…… and instead of feeling more fear, the devil began dissolving right before my eyes. His physical form melted away and POOF the devil was no more…In its place was a BLINDING LIGHT that made me feel more loved than I ever felt before…….

The experience I had of the BLINDING LIGHT will be with me forever.  The BLINDING LIGHT felt like warm ocean waves washing over me on a hot summer’s day. I never felt more loved than I did that day. All because I had the courage (although I do feel I was pushed) to embrace the darkness of my soul with God’s LIGHT. It is from that experience that I learned that when I shine the LIGHT of my ‘conscious awareness’ on anything I fear, it goes POOF

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Love!!! WTF???

Love, what is it really?  We hear talk about love as the answer to everything.  If it is, why then is the world in which we live in so much chaos these days. Why is unemployment so high? Who does the economy suck?  Why are acts of abuse and violence reported in our newspapers everyday?  Why are we at war and killing people made by the same creator that made us?

Love!!!! WTF???  It is all so confusing.  Love is not sex and yet love includes sex.   What the hell is this thing we call love?   Love is a power, no one can argue that.  What kind of power is it and where does it live?   Those are some tough questions? Let me take a chance here and see if I can answer them.

Love as a power can forgive anything, heal anything, restore anything, regenerate anything, make new anything, create anything.  Where does love live?   It lives inside me, it lives inside you, it lives everywhere…


I think the answer to that question is people have never really given love a chance.  Love is misunderstood, hatred is not.   Love is soft and quiet, hatred is not.  Love is gentle, hatred is not…  We are certainly more familiar with hatred (dislike, self-loathing, low self esteem) than we are with love.

In the end, I do not think we can adequately use words to define love. However, I do believe we can experience love DYNAMICALLY… and then share those dynamic experiences with others.

Leave a comment, tell me your love stories. I am not looking for stories about  being in love or falling in love.  I am looking for stories where your experience of  love changed your life. Tell me what love feels like to you?  Tell what it looks like to you.  Share with me a ‘love experience’ you had where you felt love coming from nature, another human being, God, a pet or a small child.

I believe love is best defined by our stories about love.

Share with me a time you were down and out, feeling low and how love encouraged you, inspired you, lifted you up. Share with me your most memorable love experience that still effects you even to this day.

Your stories about love will benefit everyone who reads them.  I intend to compile all comments and stories I receive about love into a book titled:  Love!!! WTF???…and will send a free copy to every person who leaves a comment or shares a story with me about love.

Please share with me your stories and comments about love now. – Thank you.

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Evidence and Proof you’re ALWAYS right.

The universe ALWAYS provides you with evidence and proof  that you are right about what you believe regardless of what other people believe.   If you believe God exists, the universe will provide you with  proof  that, for you, God exists. On the other hand,  if you believe God doesn’t exist, the universe will provide, for you, evidence that God does not exist.  That why it is possible for Christians to believe there is a God and for atheists to believe there is not.

The Universe ALWAYS provide you with proof and evidence that whatever you believe is true for you.  If you believe you are not doing something the right way, the universe will provide you with evidence that you are doing it the wrong way.

If you ‘believe’ you are not worthy enough, good enough or deserving enough, the universe will continually  provide you with proof and evidence that you are not until you change your belief to one that says you are good enough. It is the law, there are  no exceptions.

According to your beliefs so shall it be for you…and it always is

Quote provided courtesy of  Frederick Zappone

– Robert Stoner

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I’m learning, my thoughts create my reality.

My thoughts, my consistent thoughts, the ones I think about the most, the ones I focus my attention on the most create my personal reality.

If I feel less than happy, peaceful and content, those feelings are telling me I am focused on thoughts that weaken me. It tells me that, unwittingly (without conscious awareness)  I am focused on thoughts that have the power to make me feel anxious, worried or depressed.

My feelings are always telling me what kind of thoughts I am thinking, negative or positive. Feeling bad is always my ALERT SIGNAL to consciously SHIFT my thoughts to one that make me feel good, no matter what….

If you want to become mentally stronger than you ever imagined possible, I suggest you get yourself a subscription to Frederick Zappone’s Feeling Good (No Matter What) Newsletter. It will support you in staying positive 24/7 regardless of any negative events, circumstances or people surrounding you.

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Your LIGHT Dissolves the Negatives

This blog is not for everyone.  It is primary for people into spiritual growth interested in using their ‘consciousness’ to dissolve, melt away, make disappear from their lives the negative thoughts and feelings they experience simply by focusing the LIGHT of their conscious awareness on them. To begin, start here: The Story Behind Shining the LIGHT on my Humanity

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I am living ‘Groundhog Day’

If you ever watched the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray, you know the story revolves around the fact that he lives the same day over and over and over again…. and no matter what he does,  he wakes up and starts the same day over again.  That was a movie. That doesn’t happen in real life? WRONG!   I am living the same day over and over again.

I get up the same time every morning, lets the dogs out, make coffee, check my email to see if anyone bought anything I am selling online or to see if anyone left any comments on my blog.  It is always the same, no one bought anything and there are no comments posted on my blog. I then surf the internet in between blogging about nothing that makes no difference to no one.

When I become sufficient bored, I go downstairs, makes lunch, check the US Mail, watch television, fall asleep in the chair, wake up. I then go upstairs, pee, login to my computer to find out if anyone bought anything or left any comments on my blog.  Of course they didn’t.  After sufficiently boring myself to tears, I go back downstairs, watch television, fall asleep, dream weird dreams of being trapped, wake up in the morning and the same day starts all over again.

My groundhog day is slightly different than the movie because there are slight differences in my life from day to day. However, the differences are not big enough  to make any real difference at all.

As a result,  I am left with the feeling of being trapped in time where I longer experience anything new that makes me grateful to be alive..

If you are not living your own version of ‘Groundhog Day’, considered yourself lucky, considered yourself blessed because you are….

Groundhog Day, as a movie. was entertaining, in real life, no so much….

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A Misundertanding About Deodorant

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Being rejected for the WTF letters hurts…

Without notice, I was denied access to an organization’s web site without giving me a reason why.  A couple of day before I had a problem with them in regards to something I posted up on their site.  I complied with their wishes and deleted that which they considered offensive which was the use of the letters WTF which I included as part of my title of  one of my posts.  I even sent them a cartoon (see below) that I thought was funny and would lighten up the situation. Apparently they have no sense of humor or at least don’t get my sense of humor and I, unwittingly, offended them even more.

The point is this, any way you cut it, rejection hurts….  My emotional reaction was go into the battle mode and give them as much bad publicity as they could handle for locking me out of their site without giving me a reason or without giving me a chance to resolved any differences of opinion they had with me.

I wanted to hurt them as badly as I felt hurt by them but rather than doing that, I felt what I felt….. I felt the hurt, I felt the blood rushing to my face, I felt the fire in my belly to destroy… but I didn’t act on what I felt… I simply continued to feel it until the intensity of the feeling started burning itself out….

Once that happened, I was able to rationally think about what happened.  I realized that for them to reject me, I must have, unwittingly, done something that hurt them otherwise they would have never locked me out of their site.  I wrote them and told them I felt I must have done something to hurt them and apologized to them. I also forgave them for hurting me and told them I felt I had learned what I was suppose to learn from their organization’s web site and it was time for me to move on.

The bottom line is while rejection always hurts and the emotional reactions we have after we have been rejected can feel god awful, we don’t have to act on our reactions. We can allow our reactions to pass through our body like a baby passes gas, forgive people for hurting us and move on…..  It is easier for me to do that since I stumbled upon this quote:

Rejection is God’s Protection – Anonymous.

That quote gave me the understanding that being rejected by someone either means God is protecting me from something I cannot see or that God is guiding me in a different direction, a direction that is better for me.

Related Reading: Eureka! AHA!  Negative Events are Good

P.S. Since sending my letter of apology, I received a letter back from the site admin who locked me out.  We are now communicating and working out our differences. This would’ve never happened if I let my emotional reaction to being locked out dictate my actions.

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Powerful Thoughts of a Crazy Person!

Thoughts have the power to connect me to people which creates feelings of  happiness and joy in me.  Thoughts ago have the power to disconnect or separate me from people which cause feelings of pain and loneliness inside of me..

Thoughts strengthen me. Thoughts weaken me and I get to choose which thoughts I will think about the most.

I have no control over all the thoughts that float through my mind but I do have total control over which thoughts I will focused my undivided attention on and which thoughts I will dismiss as not worthy of me.

All thoughts have consequences and the first place I feel the consequences of my thoughts is in my body

I feel bad when unpleasant thoughts from my past  begin replaying themselves in my subconscious mind. These thoughts replay themselves on automatic pilot outside of my conscious control until I become conscious of them.

Uncomfortable feelings indicate negative thoughts are trying to bubble up into my conscious mind from my subconscious mind so I can exchange those negative thoughts for positive ones that make my heart soar.

The only real weakness I have is underestimating the part my thoughts played in creating the circumstances I have today.

Trust is a thought that attracts good things to me while distrust keeps good things at a distance from me, always just outside my reach.

I feel powerless and hopeless from time to time but that doesn’t mean I am powerless or hopeless. It is only a feeling that will change the moment I change my thoughts from thinking powerless thoughts to thinking powerful ones.

Thoughts have more power than an ATOMIC Bomb because it was human thought that was responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb in the first place.

All acts of violence and abuse begin with a single violent or abusive thought.

No matter how badly you feel, sincere thoughts of love will cure all.


NOTE:  I now own these thoughts as my own. Many of these thoughts originally came from my Life Coach, Frederick Zappone – Robert Stoner

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